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Guitar Player

List Price: $240.00
Our Price: $150.00
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Why Study with at BergerAOM with me: My mission as a guitar teacher is to help students to improve their mastery of the guitar and to play with the emotional impact that moves audiences. I recognize that you can take lessons from anyone in person or online, for free or otherwise. What I offer is the skill and coaching and continuous personal attention to get your playing to where you want it to be; and then to take you even further. To learn about me as a musician and to hear my music go to my living musical scrapbook at www.rickyberger.com.

Here's What to Do: It's simple. Add One-Month Lessons to your cart and check out using one of payment options. After you make your purchase I'll be in touch to schedule our times together. During the month. Please note that cancelations with at 24-hour notice are fine, but any of the 4 purchased lessons must be used within 6 weeks of the purchase or they lapse. Lessons are taught either in my studio, in my dedicated online videoconference studio, or (for some additional agreed-upon fee) in your home or office. We decide that together, based on scheduling and availability. If we can't find the right time and place for the lesson (which is rare) your payment will be immediately refunded. When your 4 lessons are up (or lapsed) you then purchase your next month and we move forward. There is NEVER an obligation beyond one month.

What to Expect: I teach you based on your NEEDS and WANTS. We work together (on theory, technique, improv, songs, gear, phrasing, stage presence, recording techniques etc. (everything)) to help make you the player you want to be. It is important to acknowledge that every musical artist is different and needs to be taught differently and individually. This is exactly how I have taught guitar for decades. Teaching guitar is not about making you play like me; it's about bringing the artist that is in you OUT -- through your fingers and to the world.

CURRENT UMASS STUDENTS: Because I am a professor at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, teaching in the music business department, state ethics laws prohibit me from excepting money from any students in the Massachusetts university system. If you are a current UMASS student and you have an absolute dire need for me to teach you something (for some show or recording or audition) please email me at rkentberger@gmail.com and if I can I will teach you for FREE. For all of my students who have left school or have graduated, I would to help continue to advance your career by teaching you guitar. My college students, like my private guitar students, mean the world to me.

Testimonial: “My son was taking guitar lessons so I bought him a MIM Fender Stratocaster. The boy quit, so I decided to learn to play. I have taken lessons now with Ricky for almost a year and he is making me into an expressive guitar player. I can play songs, I can jam, and I just keep getting better (that’s what Ricky says). In fact, I was at home jamming to a blues track is Cm one night when my daughter came in and and “Sounds nice daddy.” That’s high praise from a 13 year old. When we have lessons Ricky usually has planned out what to do with me that week. Many times I short-circuit that because I have a list of questions that I want answered, in which case Ricky laughs and we begin to work on where I feel I need help. Learning from Ricky is challenging, fun, exciting and very rewarding musically. Thank you Ricky Berger.” — Joel Lemieux