Berger Academy of Music
"We Grow Together"

Berger Academy of Music was founded in 2018 by musician, educator and attorney Ricky Berger with the simple notion he wanted to teach more of what he knew and what he was continually learning. Ricky arrived at this decision after accessing his "life purpose" with the help of others. You should try this sometime, it can be really fun and super-meaningful. I mean we should all (ideally) be spending our time doing what we were put here to do; right? For Ricky, that purpose (as it turns out) is to teach people, help people, and create art. Every aspect of Berger Academy of Music, now and is it grows, will be devoted to helping people, teaching people and creating art.

As Ricky has been a guitar player for over 45 years, a focus of the the Academy will concentrate on guitar instruction at all levels. Beyond playing and recording music, Ricky has been an entrepreneur and attorney for-ever (it seems), and to share that the Academy will also provide general business and music industry learning content as well. I mean, Ricky's mom sent him off to law school on the "off chance" he wouldn't be signed by a major label. We shouldn't let all that go to waste.

Over time, more courses and perhaps more instructors will be added to teach more, help more and create more together. If you are interested in joining as an instructor at Berger Academy of Music let me know. If there is something you want to learn, let me know.

Thank you for visiting and I hope we have the opportunity to meet and grow together.

All My Best,

// Ricky Berger
Founder, Berger Academy of Music